Transformation In Action

Leadership Development Program

Transformation in Actiona personal and professional development program for anyone committed to making a difference through leadership, service, business, education, politics, government, and coaching.

We live in challenging, complex, amazing, unpredictable, and creative times—times that demand new approaches, creative and innovative ways of thinking and seeing, and an ability to cut to the core of what is happening quickly. Because change is happening so fast, success in the world of today and tomorrow requires an ability to “learn forward,” to listen to the future and tap into emerging potential, and to work with what is in front of us in the moment.


About the Program

An exciting new leadership approach is on the horizon. Alan calls it TransformActional Leadership. It engages simple yet powerful models to get to the core or essence of what is happening, uncover the hidden potential, sense the next steps, and immediately move forward in action. It’s a dynamic and intuitive process, a full partnership between “being” and “doing.” It’s transformation in action.

Transformation in Action is grounded in the understanding that everything is energy in motion—life, relationships, business, and government. Everything is part of a larger flow. Nothing exists in isolation. Our challenge is to develop our capacities for awareness and working within a big picture to create dynamic and sustainable action.

Although we live in a complex world, simple yet powerful approaches and questions can crack open the complexity an help us discover our next steps. Alan Seale is a master at creating simple, intuitive tools and approaches that cut to the essence of whatever is happening and show the pathway to effective action. He offers tools and skills to help you navigate the unknown, work through uncertainty, maneuver through volatile situations and circumstances, and recognize and partner with opportunities that are waiting to emerge.

In the Transformation in Action program, we work with four prototypes that provide a foundation for TransformActional Leadership: Seer, Explorer, Co-Creator, and Ambassador. The Seer looks beyond the obvious to perceive hidden potential—to see patterns and connections that most people do not notice. The Explorer is skilled at walking into the unknown, trusting that “signs” will appear to show direction, making new discoveries, and blazing trails into new frontiers. The Co-Creator partners with those discoveries and with collaborators to create new structures and forms that are relevant to today’s emerging opportunities and challenges. And the Ambassador builds bridges of understanding and awareness. As we develop the qualities of these prototypes within ourselves, we are able to respond more powerfully and effectively to the needs, challenges, and opportunities of today’s rapidly changing world.

Transformation in Action can help you become a new kind of leader—a leader who is far more present and aware of what is happening in the moment; a leader who is more receptive to messages, signals, and information all around, both seen and unseen, spoken and unspoken; a leader who is more responsive to the emerging realities of today and tomorrow.

This interactive and experiential program can be structured as a one-, two-, or three-day workshop. Come prepared to explore, intuit, invite, and learn simple yet powerful tools and ways of thinking that can help you and those you serve break through old patterns and transform ways of living and working to create a world that works.

Dates & Locations

See the Center for Transformational Presence Event Calendar for upcoming programs.

If you would like to host a Transformational Presence Leadership and Coach Training in your country or region, please send an email to Kim at the Center for Transformational Presence and she will be in touch with you to schedule an initial telephone or Skype conversation.


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Coming Up in 2018

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Soul Mission & Manifestation Masterclass with Alan Seale – Tuesday 20 March 2018 – Haarzuilens, The Netherlands

The Manifestation Wheel 4-day workshop – Thursday – Sunday, 22 – 25 March 2018 – Grösbeek, The Netherlands

Soul Mission * Life Vision 4-day workshop – Thursday – Sunday, 4 – 7 October 2018 –   Grösbeek, The Netherlands


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