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Workshops & TrainingsThe Seale Foundation organizes the professional and personal development workshops of Alan Seale and the Center for Transformational Presence in The Netherlands and Belgium. The Foundation also works in partnership with hosts and organizers for these programs in other countries. In addition, the Foundation supports all of Alan Seale’s work around the world. Below are the upcoming workshops organized by the Seale Foundation in The Netherlands and Belgium.

All programs are delivered in English unless otherwise noted. Participants from all countries are welcome! For a full schedule of Alan Seale’s programs around the world, visit the Center for Transformational Presence website.

2020 Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering

This event is only open to graduates of the TPLC or TPLA workshops.

Friday – Sunday, 19 – 21 June 2020
Kapellerput Conference Center
Heeze, The Netherlands

Information / Registration

In 2013, Alan Seale created the first Transformational Presence Global Summit, a four-day event for graduates of the TPLC program from around the world to come together, continue to learn from Alan and from each other, and to continue evolving Transformational Presence work in the world.

During the 2016 Summit, there was some discussion about whether this event wanted to be called a Summit or something else. There was the feeling among some members of our community that a “Summit meeting” implied that there were problems to solve. This seemed incongruent with the Transformational Presence “Potential-Based Approach” to circumstances, situations, and opportunities.

As the Core Committee sat with this question and tuned into the energy that was emerging for our 2017 global meeting, we quickly came together with a new name for this event: the Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering.

The 2020 Transformational Presence Global Leadership Gathering will be held June 19 – 21 at Kapellerput Conference Center in Heeze, The Netherlands. The Leadership Gathering will be led by members of the Transformational Presence Community as well as Alan. The Gathering days are a time to:

  • reconnect to the energy of Transformational Presence
  • deepen the vertical alignment within yourself
  • rejuvenate your spirit
  • learn new tools and approaches
  • deepen your leadership and coaching awareness and skills
  • learn from your colleagues about how they are using Transformational Presence in their leadership and coaching
  • clarify your next steps as a Transformational Presence leader and coach
  • connect to and co-create for collaborative projects with Transformational Presence colleagues from around the world

Mark your calendar and plan to join us!

Manifestation Wheel

Led by Alan Seale
4-day intensive workshop

Kapellerput Conference Center
Heeze, The Netherlands
Thursday – Sunday, 17 – 20 September 2020  Rescheduled from March 2020

Registration Fee (Lodging and meals are not included):
After 1 December 2019—€ 1450,00 (excludes 21% VAT)

Information / Registration

Lodging and meals at Conference Center Kapellerput: € 493,00 (excl. 9% VAT)

Program Description

Both ancient wisdom traditions and modern-day quantum physics tell us that everything is made up of vibrating energy. You, your soul, your thoughts, choices, habits, and practices, as well as your work, your relationships, and the organizations you are a part of—at their essence they are all energy in motion. When we relate to life as energy in motion and partner with the laws of energy for creation and manifestation, extraordinary things can happen.

Manifestation is the art of aligning potential, intention, thought, belief, commitment, decision, and action to achieve and sustain the greatest possible result. Whether for an individual or an organization, it is an inner process of transformation coupled with outer action and achievement. Inspired by the ancient Lakota Medicine Wheel and grounded in modern-day quantum physics, Alan Seale has created the Manifestation Wheel, a dynamic and synergistic system for accomplishing goals, turning dreams into reality, visioning, decision-making, and facilitating breakthroughs.

The Manifestation Wheel

The Manifestation Wheel

When applied to your personal life, the Manifestation Wheel is a powerful tool that can be used for manifesting career changes, accomplishing a goal, bringing a vision to life, attracting the right relationship partner, or living a healthier life. In businesses and organizations, it serves as a dynamic and transformational structure for project development and management, team building, leadership development, marketing campaigns, and brand development.

The Manifestation Wheel is a consistent, reliable, and powerful way to approach challenges, new directions, and goals. It liberates you from old beliefs, habits, and practices that no longer serve you and opens the door into a new world of possibilities.

Join Alan Seale for this dynamic and transformational workshop and learn how to make manifestation a natural part of your life and/or organization.

Full description of the program

Transformational Presence for Leaders and Coaches—Foundation Course

Led by Alan Seale

Tuesday – Saturday, 22 – 26 September 2020
Kapellerput Conference Center
Heeze, The Netherlands

Download the Registration Form

Registration Fee (does NOT include lodging or meals):
€ 1750 (excluding 21% VAT) before June 1, 2020
€ 1995 (excluding 21% VAT) after June 1, 2020

5 day lodging and meals based on a single room is € 750,00 (excluding 9% VAT)

52 Coach Specific Training Hours or CCEUs through the ICF (International Coach Federation)

Full program details.

Transformational Presence Masterclass with Alan Seale

This masterclass is open to anyone who has participated in the TPLC or TPLA workshops.

Tuesday, 29 September 2020
Masterclass: 14.00 – 18.00 CET
Dinner buffet: 18.00 – 19.00 CET

Koetshuis de Haar
Haarzuilens, The Netherlands

Registration Fee: € 99 including dinner (excludes 21% VAT)

Information / Registration

Come for an afternoon and evening of learning, discovery, reconnection, fun, and great food with your TPLC/A colleagues!

Program details coming soon!

Soul Mission * Life Vision

Led by Alan Seale

Thursday – Sunday, 1 – 4 October 2020
Kapellerput Conference Center
Heeze, The Netherlands

Information / Registration

Registration Fee:
Before 1 June 2020—€ 1250,00 (excludes 21% VAT)
After 1 June 2020—€ 1450,00 (excludes 21% VAT)

Sleeping room reservations can be made directly through Kapellerput Conference Center. € 505,45 per person based on single room and including meals (excludes 9% VAT)

Full description of the program

Transformational Presence Leadership in Action

A 3-day professional development program for people committed to transformation in our world. Presented in partnership with the Seale Foundation and led by Alan Seale.

Monday – Wednesday, 16 – 18 November 2020 – waiting list
9 am – 6 pm Monday and Tuesday; 9 am – 4 pm Wednesday

Kapellerput Conference Center
Heeze, The Netherlands

Registration Fee (does not include lodging or meals)
€ 1550 (excludes 21% VAT) after 15 December 2019

For TPLC Graduates (does not include lodging or meals):
€ 1350 (excludes 21% VAT) after 15 December 2019

Lodging at Kapellerput: € 456,80 (includes 9% VAT)

Program materials including both of Alan’s new books Transformational Presence: How to Make a Difference in a Rapidly Changing World and the companion Transformational Presence: Tools, Skills and Frameworks book are included in your registration fee.

Information / Registration

Workshop Description
A powerful conscious leadership movement is now emerging in many parts of the world. Within this movement, there is widespread agreement that new skills and tools, as well as broader capacities for awareness and perception, are needed if we are going to lead the world forward in the most effective, impactful, and transformative ways. These new skills and capacities require us to stretch far beyond the familiar, analytical, knowledge-based, figure-it-out approaches found in traditional leadership environments into more creative, discovery-based, transformational approaches. And this is what Transformational Presence is all about.

Transformational Presence Leadership is built not only on a philosophy or a set of ideas or beliefs; it’s also built on a particular set of practical skills, tools, frameworks, and approaches. It’s leadership built on open and expansive worldviews; a keen sense of how to navigate unfamiliar or unknown territory; and the wisdom to know when to take action and when to pause and let things settle. It’s an approach that builds and expands our capacities for awareness, understanding, perception, and effective action – capacities that are essential for navigating today’s rapidly changing world.

In the Japanese culture, there is a concept called kokoro, which literally translates to mean “mind, heart, spirit.” It’s about alignment of energy in your “being.” If you want to accomplish something or to have something, the concept of kokoro asks, “What are the qualities of the person who would have that or do that?” In other words, if that is what you want to do or have, then who must you be and what skills must you have?

Alan Seale believes that the foundation of conscious leadership is built on the qualities, characteristics, and skills of four modern-day archetypes: the Seer, the Explorer, the Co-Creator, and the Ambassador.

The Seer looks beyond the obvious to perceive emerging patterns, connections, and potential that most people do not notice.

The Explorer is skilled at walking into the unknown, making new discoveries, reading the “signals” that will show where to go next, and blazing trails into new frontiers.

The Co-Creator collaborates with ideas and people to create new structures and forms that are relevant to today’s emerging opportunities and challenges.

The Ambassador builds bridges of understanding and awareness.

As we develop the qualities and skills of these archetypes within ourselves, we begin to prototype a new kind of leadership for today’s rapidly changing and uncertain world.

Transformational Presence can help you become a new kind of leader—a leader who is:

  • More present and aware of what is happening on many levels
  • More receptive to messages, signals, and information all around, both seen and unseen, spoken and unspoken
  • More responsive to the emerging realities of today and tomorrow
  • More creative and innovative
  • More resilient in the face of challenge and disappointment

Join Alan for this interactive and experiential three-day development program. Come prepared to explore, intuit, invite, and learn simple yet powerful tools and approaches that can help you and those you serve break through old patterns and transform ways of living and working.

Transformational Presence is a leadership approach whose time has come—a way of living, leading, and serving that can create a world that works.

Full description of the program

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