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Sander van Eekelen is an experienced transformational leadership coach and facilitator and the founder of Academy of Life. He is also a Certified Transformational Presence Coach. He specializes in individual and organizational wholeness and self-organizing systems. He creates environments in which people feel safe and supported to explore their greatest potential—environments where they can develop the courage to step through self-created and self-imposed barriers. He has a way of both playfully inviting and compassionately challenging people to go take their next big steps for deep exploration and shifts to become possible.

With a background in social psychology as well as many years of experience, both in management and in the field of Human Resource Management, he is able to quickly cut to the core of any organizational development issue.

Since 2012, Sander has worked closely with Alan Seale and the Center for Transformational Presence. He is currently a program leader for the various Transformational Presence programs, both open-enrollment and in-company forms.

Sander thrives on enabling and witnessing growth both in individual and in team development. His own continuous learning and developmental process lies at the core of his life and work. In his words: “I’m inspired to learn and teach; it’s a reciprocal, never ending dance. To playfully enable people to become the fullest version of themselves is my ultimate goal in life.”


Bio Nederlands

Sander van Eekelen is een ervaren transformationeel leiderschapscoach en facilitator. Zijn expertise richt zich op heelheid in individuen, teams en organisaties en het creëren van bewust leiderschap in organisaties. Met een achtergrond als sociaal-psycholoog en ruim 15 jaar ervaring in profit en not-for-profit organisaties in diverse advies- en leidinggevende rollen verstaat hij de kunst om écht aan te sluiten bij wat er bij mensen en teams leeft. Om mensen op een kernachtige en speelse manier in staat te stellen de meest volledige versie van zichzelf te worden is zijn levensdoel. Zijn stijl kenmerkt zich als vriendelijk, warm, transparant, scherp en nieuwsgierig.


Endorsement from Alan Seale, Creator of Transformational Presence

Sander van Eekelen has been an active member of the Transformational Presence community since 2012. During that time, he has become a masterful coach. What sets Sander apart is his gentle nature combined with his ability to find just the right words or questions that cut to the essence of what is really going on. His quiet manner creates a safety that allows him to ask the hard questions in an open and supportive way, yet with razor sharpness.   

Sander has a deep understanding of the principles behind Transformational Presence, and an ability to bring those principles alive for those he serves.

I also appreciate Sander’s great attention to detail. He notices everything, and has just the right way of bringing what he sees to the awareness of clients and organizations. From there, he walks beside them to help them discover the best choices, decisions, and actions towards the realization of their greatest potential. He is quite at home with both individual and organizational work and brings out the best in all.


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