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GabriellaAfter years of traveling and working from my personal mission to contribute to a better world, I met Alan Seale in 2007. This was such a home coming for me, as his mission perfectly suited mine—to inspire and support new ways of thinking, being and doing in order to create a world that works. Therefore, I decided to organize the first “Soul Mission*Life Vision” workshop with Alan in The Netherlands.

After a great success for all participants in that first workshop, my friend Marie Josee Smulders and I decided to invite Alan for more workshops. The “Intuitive Living” workshop followed as well as the first “Manifestation Wheel” workshop in 2008.

Due to the success of the workshops, we established the Seale Foundation in 2011 to further support Alan Seale’s work in a more formal way. We now present two workshops each year with Alan in The Netherlands as well as help to promote and help organize his workshops and programs in other European countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, Romania, and Poland. We are pleased to have participants from all over the world joining us for Alan’s programs and lectures.

—Gabriella van Rooij, Founder and Chairperson

The Seale Foundation Board of Directors also includes:
James Clark (United Kingdom)
Peter van Hoof (Netherlands)

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