Transformational Presence Coaching

Through personal coaching, Alan Seale has supported leaders, visionaries, entrepreneurs, executives, teachers, and healers from around the world. What they have in common is their commitment to service—to making a difference in their world. They want to make a meaningful contribution.

Perhaps this is also you. Maybe you have a vision or a dream that won’t let go of you. Or perhaps you know you want to make a difference, yet you aren’t sure where to begin. What you do know is that something is stirring inside. And that it’s time to listen and respond.

Making a difference begins with how you “show up” to your life and leadership—your personal presence—and how you move from presence into action. Being a “Transformational Presence” in today’s rapidly changing world means constantly expanding how you think, how you look at things, and how you meet opportunities and challenges. It means continually growing and evolving in your understanding and awareness of how the world works. It means being creative, adaptive, and resilient. It means constantly stretching your worldview and learning forward.

Through Transformational Presence Coaching, you will discover and develop your own authentic and powerful personal presence and turn that presence into breakthrough, action, and results. Together with Alan, you will ask questions and find answers. You will transform beliefs that no longer serve you and forge new ones that support you. You will find ways to meet your challenges with curiosity and openness and discover the opportunities that are hidden within them. And you will move forward on the path of leadership and service you are called to walk.

Through this process, you will discover new and more effective ways to think and approach your life and leadership. You will discover more about who you are and why you are here. You will learn how to live your purpose or soul mission in the most impactful and effective ways. And you will develop practical tools and skills that can help you reach your greatest potential and make your greatest impact.

The time is now. The world can’t afford for you to wait any longer.

To learn more about Transformational Presence Coaching, how it works, how sessions are structured, and how to take your next steps, visit the Center for Transformational Presence website. And if you are ready to get started now, send an email to schedule a free sample coaching session with Alan today.

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